The Destination

Planning for your special day starts with selecting the perfect location, and the Florida Keys certainly offers the most exceptional waterfront views and sunsets. With average highs of 83 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius) and average lows of 73 (23), the FL Keys is an ideal destination year-round!

The Florida Keys is known for fishing, scuba diving, and even bar hopping. However, one of the best features, which also happens to be completely free, is enjoying the beautiful views. Every morning and afternoon, from Key Largo to the Southernmost Point in Key West, you’ll catch dozens of people gathering along the shores and on piers to enjoy the first rays of sunshine or watch the giant glowing orb dip down into the blue waters.

The color changing sky is the perfect backdrop for your special day. Be sure to time your wedding ceremony to coincide with the “golden hour” in the Florida Keys.

Map of The Florida Keys

Magnolia Weddings and Events FL Map of Florida Keys